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Government funding for customs training announced

Sep 4, 2019 10:17:12 AM / by Steve Cock

The £16 Million funding measure announced by HM Treasury yesterday will allow large numbers of industry professionals to freely obtain the qualifications offered by the UK Customs Academy. Don't miss this opportunity to prepare for Brexit.

As the funding is provided for each course that an individual may want to take, rather than as a single payment per applicant, anyone can follow the practical progressive route offered by the Academy and look to recover their cost at each stage.

The Customs Academy represents a learning ecosystem for the Customs profession that is capable of supporting individual and corporate members across different organisations with a lifelong learning journey. At the core of the Academy is a world-first professional programme that caters for the full spectrum of knowledge and skill requirements – from school leavers through to experienced professionals.

A general overview of the programme design is shown in the following diagram, which highlights the modular structure and articulation of our courses. This allows the learner to access those modules that are of particular relevance to their professional area of interest and level of development without the need to undertake a formal qualification. However, having successfully completed a series of modules, the learner will be granted credit towards one or more qualifications, should they wish to formalise their learning journey.


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Steve Cock

Written by Steve Cock

Director Customs Consultancy at KGH.