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The Borders are not closed, they are open for goods

Mar 19, 2020 7:58:24 PM / by Lars Karlsson

There is a lot of reporting about countries closing their borders due to the present Covid-19 (Coronavirus) crisis, however when you read this it is important to remember that the borders are only restricted for people movement, as a means to restrict the virus outbreak.

This is a specific situation that we all in the world are sharing for the moment. We should trust science and the experts advising on these matters.

Naturally, there are no words to fully describe the gratitude we should feel for the people in our hospitals and medical centres working 24/7 to help and support victims of this disease. Likewise, the many experts and scientists that are trying to guide us through the situation and the people in our Government agencies working tirelessly to keep our societies functioning.
However, there are also other silent heroes trying to contribute to the challenges that we are facing right now.

When news media reports that our border is closing it is not entirely true. What is referred to, is usually the travel restrictions for individuals implemented to restrict Covid-19 to spread without control. In fact, for goods movements, the borders are open and need to remain open so we can get medicals, health care equipment, groceries and other necessary products to our societies.

Today the global value chains and the international supply chain is more integrated than ever. This means that we are depending on each other to get the products and services we need. We have seen this also from the Brexit discussion in the last years.

This becomes even more evident in times of trouble and international turmoil like right now due to the Coronavirus outbreak worldwide.

Numerous people are working in the international supply chain, the professional service provider industry, in logistics and in the goods transport sector that is contributing tremendously right now in making sure that our hospitals, the pharmacies, the stores – still have things we need. At our borders, my colleagues are working tirelessly to make trade work despite the current situation, in solidarity helping others get what they need. There are so many others doing the same in our industry. We keep the borders open for what needs to pass borders right now to fight Covid-19 and to make our lives in this situation better.

I am sure that that are other sectors also contributing in the same way. I want to pay tribute to everybody working to help others and also to keep our world going. There is an end to this challenge, we need to work together to get there. We will do our share and contribute to keeping trade alive, our borders open with strict control and to make it possible to continue to send necessary products where they need to go. This is a time of solidarity and our global village team will win.



Lars Karlsson

CEO/MD KGH Global Consulting

Topics: Customs, Logistics, Trade, Supply Chain

Lars Karlsson

Written by Lars Karlsson

Managing Director at KGH Global Consulting.